Who’s Jean-Marie?

Bonjour les amis,

I am Jean-Marie (btw, it’s a boy’s name). 45 years old, almost married.

Born in Cambodia, lived in Vietnam and Cameroon, I live and work in Paris, in the fields of travel insurance and social medias.

I learned to read and write english with role playing games and I enjoy sci-fi.

During my stay here @WeareFrance, we will speak about parisian life, how to speak to frenchies, and many other subjects.

Did you know that France is the top destination of world tourism ? Well, hope you be one of them one day ^^

Feel free to ask, I will always try to help out.

Welcome in our City of Lights, welcome in France !

— To all, sorry for the (very) delayed post. I’ve been lacking of internet for a couple of weeks, making the management of the account impossible. Sorry for being in limbo for so long. We would like to thank Jean-Marie for keeping the account alive in the meantime. –Pierre


Who’s Loïc?

Hej everyone,

The name’s Loïc and the ususal @ is @KienLang, nice to meet you all. This might seem complicated to pronounce, but it’s actually rather simple : it goes like “low-eek”.

I’m a 21 yo student and at the moment, I live in the parisian suburb. However, I’m definitely not from there, I’m from Brittany (the west and best part of France). I’m finishing my engineering studies with an internship in the cosmetic industry. That’s it for the boring part.

I should tell you a bit about what I’m gonna tweet about this week (25 feb -  3 mar), so here it is. I’m probably gonna tweet about music a lot, I’m a big listener (I also write for @Voluume in French), about books a lot too, maybe about French politics even if I’m not really the best source about all that, and about the news. I guess that’s it, I shoul also add that I have the damn habit to be pretty sarcastic. Just so you know.

If you have any question about anything, don’t hesitate at all, I’ll be pleased to do my best to anwer!



Who’s Martin?

Bonjour à toutes et à tous!!! 

I am Martin, a 23 years old student in Paris! I’m originated from Angers, 300 km west from Paris. I came to Paris to study with my girlfriend, so we can live now in the same place, after three years relation <3!

She is studying wood working and design, and I’m studying sustainable development, quality and audit in Master II. I’m currently looking for a company for my internship. 

So my hobbies (and probable topics for the week !) are news, environment, food, photography, a bit of music, horse riding, a bit computers and games… 

And of course, I will be pleased to answer the most possible question you will ask!!!

Thanks a lot, I hope you will enjoy my time here, I think I will :-)



Who’s Sarah?

G’day all !

My name is Sarah but you can call me Sarah. Or “HEY YOU” or whatever. Due to my name sometimes sounding like “ça va” in French in the mouth of people with poor pronounciation, I always have the feeling someone is asking me something anyway.

I’m 27, not married, not a mom, and living the high life in Paris, France. I’m not originally from here, but I’m from Brittany, which, despite NOT being the same thing, makes me French anyway. 

I work as a freelancer journalist, mostly for a channel called France24, but as every freelancer, I’ll just take any work that comes in.

Things are alright though, and I have this luxury of worrying about other things than “how am I going to pay my rent ?”. Things like “Who will get my next beer ?”. I haven’t had to resort to scrubbing toilets for a living so far. Which is good. Probably.

Since the end of the world is coming soon, I’ve decided to try to save it, or at least make it better for the time that is left, by writing loads of nonsense on twitter. My usual account is @SarahCorde, where I actively let everybody who doesn’t care know about everything I believe I have a good word about. I think it’s funny, they probably think I’m crazy.

Long story short, I will be your hostess this week, and my mission if I accept it, is to reboot this account that has stayed inactive for a while, and give loads of people the urge to become a curator. Which I will do, hopefully, since I’m rather awesome. You can expect heaps of enthousiam ; my schedule for the week includes a visit to Ikea, 2 parties, hosting a pub quiz and some Christmas madness. Some comments about sports, general news, music, and anything people might suggest. 

Might include real bits of sarcasm inside, even though I will try not to curse too much.


Who’s Sophie?

Salut à tous !

I’m Anne-Sophie (although my friends call me Sophie) and I come from a very small town in Normandy near the D-Day beaches (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isigny-sur-Mer).

Thirteen years ago, I came to live in England as an Au Pair and I stayed ! I now live 40 minutes away from London with my husband, our son and my cat Morrissey (named after the singer).

As you guessed, I love Art ! I am also a cinema and music fan. I am usually open to all genres but I admit that I have a weakness for horror/sci-fi movies… As for music, I am an « indie kid » !

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask !



Thirteenth week for @weareFrance!

Hello everyone!

Loved my week as @wearefrance!

Even though I was less present as I’d have wished, I managed to get some discussions going.

The week started by talking a bit about myself (hobbies, work and other stuff). Then some more presentation of my work environment as european civil servant as differences with French system (cultural differences, staff committee).

A few pictures were posted (St-Malo in Brittany, Ireland) and on Wednesday, pictures of real japanese sushi food in one of the best japanese restaurant in Paris. A few food tips in Paris were posted as well.

4th of July occurred in the US so I posted a nice picture of the ”American Eagle” for them to enjoy. This also started a discussion about the so-called Bastille Day, the US name for the Fête nationale (14th of July) in France. Pictures of armed forces training near my workplace were posted.

We also had the European Parliament killing the awful ACTA stuff (intellectual property lobbies trying to censor the Internet).

All in all, lots of exchanges between followers and other curators, very nice week.


Fourteenth week for @wearefrance!

Hi Folks!

My week as @wearefrance was just great!

We talked about my city, Le Mans and the other cities in the north-west of France.

Then, and because the saturday was the National Day, the 14 juillet Fête Nationale, we shared a lot about French history and I tried to explain that it’s not actually “Bastille day” because we commemorate the Fête de la Fédération which was in 1790 and the storm of the Bastille was in 1789.

Lots of pics posted during the week, about my county, also from few local talented photographers and about food/drink as well (I shared few traditional French recipes). I went to a wine and food tasting on Sunday, it was great inspiration of course! 

We shared about French music and although I love Gainsbourg, Piaf etc., I gave a playlist with more recent songs, young singers.

We finished the week on a fun brainstorming about french expressions that could seem weird and/or funny to you like “Ah la vache !” a very popular expression in France which means “Oh my goodness!” (literal translation, oh the cow!). 

This week was very interactive with tweeps in general and with the other curators from around the globe as well. I started the week with about 1100 tweeps and ended with roughly 1230 followers enjoying stories and info about France :)

Don’t hesitate to apply to be a curator of @wearefrance, Rotation Curation is a fantastic experience! :)))


Personal account > @ElleTweete 


Who’s Alain?

Bonjour guys,

Just finishing my studies in Marketing and communication last september, I didn’t feel yet the ability to enter in the grown up’s life. That’s why I start, at 26 years old, to travel as much as I can. I’ve been in French Guyana for 6 month, that’s where I’ve been suddenly aware that I love Paris, my place of birth! 

In a few weeks, I am gonna leave for Florida, for one year! My favorite country in Europe, after France of course, is Sweden. I speak Italian thanks to my mom’s origins.

I am also a huge fan of sport, so do not hesitate to talk to me about your country sportsmen as the Olympic Games in London open this week.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, my biggest pleasure this week will be answer to any interrogation you have. By the way, you can find me on my own Twitter account : @alainpadrini.

Hope you’ll enjoy this week with me guys!


Who’s Marie?

Hello everybody,

I’m Marie (obviously a widely used French name)

Usually, children leave their parents. My husband and I did the other way round: we chose to leave our children who were studying in France and abroad (and are so pleased to come and see us when they choose!)

So, I live 10000km away from Paris, in Saint-Pierre on La Réunion island.

Previously a teacher (taught French in London and East Lansing, MI, years ago) then French and English in France and ended as a PR/communications officer for a small classical music agency, I am now taking one or two years off.

I love to travel and I am mostly interested in music, literature, cinema and arts…

I am not a geek and hope I’ll be able to give you some interesting tips about LR island on Twitter. Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish!


Who’s Marie?

Hi Guys! I’m Marie.

As Ollivier, I live in France, roughly 200km south-west of Paris, in the city of Le Mans.

I lived in Cambridge, England, for 3 years where I worked mostly in Picture Framing. I went there to improve my English but also for the experience to live abroad.

I came back at the end of 2010 and I work for an Insurance Company (very different field). I deal with insurance contracts of big companies, contracts “in case of fire, water and electricity damage” etc., but I’m more in the process before these bad things happen!

I do like good food, wine, beer and after-dinner liqueur. I’m a singer and musician (piano and guitar) and I sing in a band (pop-rock).

Interests: friends and people in general, music, nature, personal development and nutrition, photography (curation mostly).